Ms. Deborah West Mortgage Burning Ceremony

On Sunday, May 7th Greene County Habitat held a mortgage burning ceremony for Ms. Deborah West.  It was a simple ceremony that was part of the dedication ceremony being held for the two new homes completed in Union Point.  Ms. West shared words of appreciation and how she worked hard even through times of struggle to pay off her mortgage in 23 years.  She used the opportunity to welcome the new homeowners, Darnesia Nesbitt and Talekia Wright, to Union Point with some advice to start their own homeownership journey.  She presented each homeowner with a welcome basket with the following contents and message:

In Celebration of your new home, I give you Bread – That this house may never know hunger; Salt – That life may always have flavor; Wine – that joy and prosperity may reign forever; Honey – that you will enjoy the sweetness of life; Olive Oil – that you are blessed with health and well-being; and Candle – that light will guide you through the darkest times. 

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